Friday, May 10, 2013

Parental Responsibility in Drug Addiction Prevention

Teens Drug Addiction
Considering the fact that a large percentage of people addicted to drugs comprise of teenagers and young adults, it is important to emphasize the role of parents in making sure that their child stay away from drugs and alcohol. 

In fact, research shows that parental advice and guidance can go a long way when it comes to making sure that children stay away from harmful substances. 

In several studies, it has been found that children who’ve a strong relationship with their parents are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. For this reason, it becomes important for parents to take all necessary steps required to prevent drug addiction in teens.

Here are a few of the ways you can talk about drugs with your teens and establish a strong relationship:

Taking An Active Interest in Your Child's Lives

It has been found that children who feel neglected by their parents are more likely to abuse drugs. Spending some quality time with your children, supporting their activities and praising their efforts will go a long way when it comes to establishing a strong relationship with your children.

Be Tough

Being an authoritarian will not serve any purpose. However, at times, it is important to be tough with your children. As a parent, you must set clear rules for your children and ensure that they follow them. There should be an open communication and you should explain to your child why you want him to behave in a certain way.

Keep a Tab On Your Child’s Friends Circle

It is important to know the friends of your child. While you must not dictate what friends to choose, it is important to guide them and make sure that they don’t spend time with wrong people. If a child keeps company of people who abuse drugs, he is more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol himself.

Talk to Your Child

Having an open communication is vital. It is important to inform your children about drugs. Explaining to them the negative effects of drugs on body and mind will go a long way when it comes to making sure your children stay away from drugs.

If you’re a parent, you must keep in mind all the above factors so as to ensure that your children stay away from drugs and alcohol. You must not hesitate from seeking professional medical help if necessary.